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There are many ways to cut, fabricate, polish, & install stone countertops. Our state of the art machinery, tools, & experience gives our clients the best possible quality and craftsmanship. It is important to consider the following when comparing prices:

1. We use laser-guided bridge saws for accuracy.

2. Automated Edge polishers are used for fabrication and polishing.

3. Neumatic Air polishers are used for detailing.

4. Professional grade seam setters are used during installation.

5. 5 year craftsmanship warranty.

6. Experience in detail oriented projects. (leveling, seams, color matching, etc.)

The overall price of your countertops will depend on the following variables:

1. Material (Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Limestone, etc.)

2. Edge Profile (Miter, Bullnose, Bevel, Ogee, Versailles, etc.)

3. Cut Out Costs (Undermount vs Drop-In Sink)

4. Tear Out & Demolition of Existing Countertops

5. Project Complexity

Slab Fabricators, LLC is not a General Contractor, we only specialize in natural stone cutting, fabrication and installation. When you contract Slab Fabricators, LLC directly, you assume the role of General Contractor for your project. A typical project will require you to hire other skilled trade professionals to fully complete your kitchen or bathroom project. It is your responsibility to hire and schedule the trades accordingly.
If you will be performing any of the trades below please consider the difficulty and liability assumed with the task.
Below is a list of the types of trades you may need to contract, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:
Glass / Mirror Technician:  If there are mirrors above a countertop you are required to hire a glass / mirror technician to remove mirror prior to installation. The technician will also be needed to install mirrors after the countertop installation. If you do not remove mirrors prior to installation, we are not responsible for damage, breakage or chips to mirrors. (Typical in bathroom vanity tops and bar areas with glass directly above a backsplash)
Plumber:  It is your responsibility to hire a licensed plumber to cut off water and disconnect any plumbing pipes / faucets prior to installation. A plumber will also be required to reconnect plumbing. Your new sink and countertop will sit in a different height / angle after installation and may require special adjustments to your plumbing.
Water Leaks: It is your responsibility to check and resolve any water leaks present after or during installation. Please have your plumber present before installation to disconnect and immediately after installation to reconnect.
Strainers & Drains: All pipes, drains, and faucets removed with sink will be taken with us and disposed immediately at our facility. It is your responsibility to remove any pipes, hardware, or faucet that you would like to re-use.
Appliance Installer: to disconnect, move and reconnect your cook top, range, microwave, refrigerator, etc. Slab Fabricators, LLC is not responsible for scratches, chips and damage to appliances.
Painter: Your new countertops may sit higher or lower and may require you to paint / stain the areas. This is typical in countertops with backsplashes and / or cabinets with a laminate, solid surface or tile countertops. It is your
Electrician: to disconnect and reconnect your electrical wall boxes near kitchen or vanity countertops. Your electrical boxes may need to be moved to a new location or require longer screws to accommodate stone thickness.
Tile Installer: To install a tile backsplash.






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